The Secret World of Texas Wine Clubs: What Only Members Get to Experience!​

Wine clubs are very trendy and if you live near a Texas winery (or wineries) and find one you really enjoy, you might want to consider joining their wine club. This article outlines the benefits of joining a wine club, and what you can expect as an experience of being a member.

Wine Clubs, for the uninitiated, are subscription-based services or memberships offered by wineries or vineyards designed to capture your loyalty to the winery and its wines. The winery typically curates’ selections of wines from their inventory and periodically (usually quarterly) offers members an opportunity to attend a paid or unpaid “pick up party” to gather their wine. But you don’t have to live near a winery to be a member of its wine club, as they all typically ship wine to you as your preference if you do not pick it up by the deadline. This article digs deeper into the operations, benefits, and even some comparisons of winery-specific wine clubs.

To join a winery wine club, you typically need to sign up for membership. This usually involves an initial purchase of three or more bottles of wine and agreeing to purchase a certain number of bottles of wine per year. Most wine clubs require a minimum of a one-year membership consisting of four shipments. Typically, patrons sign up for wine clubs after a paid wine tasting at the winery because they like the wine and the venue, and joining the wine club at that time usually means you will have your tasting fees waived, and you’ll immediately get member pricing on the wines you purchase.

Wine clubs typically have a three or four bottle minimum per quarter at the entry level. Given an average bottle of wine from a Texas vineyard is about $45, your quarterly assessment (on your credit card) will be between $135 and $180. Moving up the ladder will usually be a six-bottle membership, followed by a 12-bottle or case membership. My recommendation is always start with the lowest membership to get your discounts, take at least two shipments, and decide if you want to upgrade to a higher level after that.

Once you are a member, the winery will select the wines to be included in each of your shipments. This may be based on your preferences, such as red, white, or mixed. Some wine clubs offer you the option to customize each shipment. Any difference in price will be added or subtracted from your bill. As I am not a big Rosé drinker, and I have all I want in my wine refrigerator, I will typically swap out any Rosé for something else. My recommendation here is to look for wine clubs offering this flexibility.

The Benefits of Wine Clubs

The most prevalent benefit of joining a wine club is the discounts you will receive on individual bottles of wine. For wine clubs offering multiple levels of membership, there is usually an increasing scale of discount for each membership. A typical discount level might look like this:

3-Bottle member: 10% discount

6-bottle member: 15% discount

12-bottle member: 20% discount


Along with the wines, members usually receive detailed tasting notes, pairing recommendations, and stories about the vineyard’s history.

Members typically also receive several other benefits such as discounts on merchandise at the winery, invitations to exclusive events, and complimentary tastings. Complimentary tastings are usually limited to one per month for a couple (that is, one tasting per person for the couple), and some wine clubs extend the free tastings to up to two additional guests.

Many wineries have special vintages of their wines they reserve for the members and do not make available to the public. These are usually more on the higher end price-wise, but usually represent an even finer wine than its publicly available version. 

Pick Up Parties

One staple of most wine clubs is the “Pick up Party” where members are encouraged to return to the winery to pick up their required wine shipments. Wine pickup parties are usually held on the weekends, with Sundays being the preferred day. Wineries routinely will close the winery to the public for that day to focus on the members picking up their wine. Some wineries charge members for these parties in addition to the wine, as they may have entertainment (live music, etc.) and offer appetizers or even full meals.


Some wineries do not charge for these parties and therefore are free to members. The winery will undoubtedly still make money on these days, as members will be purchasing wine (at member prices) while they partake in the entertainment. Pickup parties should be fun, and are also a great place to meet others, make new friends, and get great “intel” on other great wineries and wines from members who are also members of other wine clubs.

The pickup parties will typically offer free tastings of wines coming in the shipment (ie. The wines you are picking up that day) and may have some small food pairings. Additionally, since wineries are always making wines, they may offer some “barrel tasting” where you can taste an upcoming wine straight from the barrel. If you like it, they will also usually offer a pre-order option to get it at a reduced price.

If you choose to forego the pickup party, you can usually pick up your wine shipment any time after they bill your credit card. Or, if you prefer, the winery will ship the wines to your door on the scheduled date. You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs, which are typically added to the price of the wine.

Special Events

In addition to the pickup parties, wineries may also offer their members access to other special events. These events may include special reserve tastings, dinners with the winemakers, special concerts, or art events. Wine club members may also get access to special vacations with winery staff to other wine regions around the world. 


So, to summarize, here are some of the benefits of joining a winery wine club:

Discounts on wine purchases: Members typically receive a discount on all wine purchases, including both the wines shipped to them and any wines purchased at the winery.

Access to high-quality, award-winning wines: Texas is home to some of the best wineries in the country, and their wine clubs offer members access to their top wines.

Invitations to exclusive events: Many wineries host exclusive events for their wine club members, such as tastings, dinners, and vineyard tours.

Complimentary tastings: Members often receive complimentary tastings at the winery.

Convenience: Wine clubs are a convenient way to get new wines to try without having to go to the store.

Education: Wine clubs can be a great way to learn about wine. Many wineries include information about the wines in their shipments, and some clubs even offer educational events and resources.


If you are a fan of Texas wine, joining a wine club is a great way to get the most out of your wine experience. Do some research online to find clubs offering the benefits you are looking for. You will have access to high-quality wines, exclusive benefits, and the opportunity to support local businesses.

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