From Coca-Cola Factory to Wine Haven: The Shocking Transformation of McPherson Cellars!

Texas is experiencing a wine revolution, with "Texas Wine" gaining global recognition. Led by wineries like McPherson Cellars, Texas combines traditional methods with innovation, showcasing its distinct terroir. As its reputation grows, Texas solidifies its status as a premier wine destination for enthusiasts worldwide.
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Texas is experiencing a wine revolution, with "Texas Wine" gaining global recognition. Led by wineries like McPherson Cellars, Texas combines traditional methods with innovation, showcasing its distinct terroir.  One doesn't think of Lubbock when they think of wine, but when you realize the extent of the grape production in the Texas High Plains, you think again. McPherson is a nice venue with a decent wine selection. Most won't knock your socks off, but you will enjoy them.

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Quick Introduction

The Winery’s Rich History and Modern Facility

Highlighted Wines: The Stars of McPherson Cellars

A Quick Peek into Their Wine Collection

Reflections on a Wine Experience


Quick Introduction

In the heart of Lubbock, Texas, lies a winery that is a testament to both tradition and innovation – McPherson Cellars. Transforming the palate of wine enthusiasts across the region, McPherson Cellars has become synonymous with quality and distinction. As you delve deeper into the essence of this winery and its wines, you’ll find yourself immersed in a narrative of dedication, passion, and the incredible journey of the grape from vine to bottle.

Lubbock, Texas, affectionately known as the “Hub City,” is nestled in the heart of West Texas and serves as a testament to the region’s blend of rich traditions and forward momentum. Known primarily as the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll legend Buddy Holly, Lubbock’s vibrant music scene still resonates today, with events, museums, and venues paying homage to its influential past. However, the city offers more than just its musical roots. It is home to Texas Tech University, a major institution of higher learning that draws students from all over the nation and contributes significantly to the city’s cultural and intellectual vibrancy. Lubbock boasts a thriving agricultural industry, particularly cotton farming, which has earned it a reputation as one of the largest cotton producers in the world. The emerging Texas wine industry also finds a strong presence in Lubbock, with local vineyards and wineries playing a pivotal role in the state’s viticulture landscape. The city’s resilience and spirit can be seen in its community events, from art walks to local farmers’ markets, all set against the backdrop of the vast Texan sky. With its unique blend of history, culture, and southern hospitality, Lubbock stands as a beacon of what it truly means to be Texan.

Wine grape cultivation in the Lubbock area has witnessed a renaissance in recent decades, drawing on the region’s unique climatic conditions and the passionate dedication of local vintners. The high plains of Lubbock, with its sandy loam soil, prove to be fertile grounds for vineyard establishment. This soil type, combined with the region’s semi-arid climate, creates an environment reminiscent of some renowned global wine-producing regions. The warm days allow the grapes to mature and develop rich flavors, while the cooler nights help to retain acidity, creating a balance that’s crucial for premium wine production. Lubbock’s elevation, at over 3,000 feet, provides additional advantages, such as a reduced risk of diseases commonly found in more humid and low-lying regions. Varietals like Tempranillo, Viognier, and Syrah have found success in the Lubbock terroir. These varietals, among others, are now flourishing across the local landscape, bolstering Texas’s reputation in the wine industry. The local viticulturists’ relentless pursuit of knowledge, coupled with innovative techniques, is ensuring that the Lubbock area remains at the forefront of Texas wine production. As a result, Lubbock is fast becoming a destination not just for wine enthusiasts looking to sample regional specialties, but also for aspiring vintners and agronomists keen on understanding the magic behind this burgeoning wine hub.

What Makes McPherson Cellars Different?

Their nice dance / party space behind the tasting room!

The Winery’s Rich History and Modern Facility

Behind every great winery, there’s a compelling story. McPherson Cellars was born out of a passion for winemaking that spanned generations. Its roots trace back to Dr. Clinton McPherson and his son Kim McPherson, who together dreamt of crafting quality wines in Texas. Their unwavering spirit transformed Texas viticulture, laying the foundation for what McPherson Cellars is today.

The McPherson family, behind the esteemed McPherson Cellars in Lubbock, Texas, holds a distinguished place in the narrative of Texas winemaking. Dr. Clinton “Doc” McPherson, along with his son Kim McPherson, has been instrumental in pioneering and elevating the Texan wine scene. Dr. Clinton, a chemistry professor by profession, was among the early visionaries who saw the potential of grape cultivation in the Texan soil, co-founding one of the state’s first modern wineries in the 1970s. Kim McPherson, following in his father’s illustrious footsteps, has brought a mix of tradition and innovation to the winemaking process. Trained in California and deeply rooted in Texas, Kim returned to Lubbock with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to continue the legacy his father began. Today, McPherson Cellars stands as a testament to the family’s dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to producing wines that echo both the character of the Lubbock terroir and the McPherson family’s rich history. Their wines, crafted with care and precision, speak of a legacy that spans decades and a future filled with promise for Texas viticulture.

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Walking through the facility, it’s apparent that history seamlessly blends with the modern. The repurposed 1930s era Coca-Cola bottling plant now houses state-of-the-art equipment that crafts some of the finest wines in the region. As soon as you step inside, you’re greeted with the scent of fermenting grapes, oak barrels, and a tangible sense of legacy. There is also an events center attached to the winery for weddings and special events.

Being on the main street of Lubbock, you won’t be surrounded by fields of grape vines when you visit McPherson cellars. Their vineyards are located just outside the Lubbock area as well as Amarillo, TX. It is more of a storefront version of a winery, but it has personality and I witnessed quite a few locals coming in for wine and conversation. Another interesting thing I noticed was a selection of $5 and $10 wines needing a home. Had I not been flying home, I would have grabbed a few!

Highlighted Wines: The Stars of McPherson Cellars

One of the great things about McPherson Cellars is their selection of both red and white wines. They have a selection that should appeal to most anyone. Additionally, compared to other Texas wines, you will find the wines at McPherson Cellars reasonably priced.

Chenin Blanc. A white wine that’s lively and fresh, offering notes of green apple and a hint of honey.

Albariño. A citrus-driven nose of kumquats and preserved lemons turns to under-ripe yellow peach and wildflower honey on the palate.

La Herencia: An embodiment of Spanish heritage, this wine is a blend that teases your taste buds with rich fruit flavors and a velvety texture. Every sip offers a harmonious blend of Tempranillo, Grenache, and Carignan grapes, culminating in an unforgettable experience.

A Quick Peek into Their Wine Collection

Les Copains White: If ever there was a wine that captured the essence of a sunny afternoon in Texas, it’s the Les Copains White. With crisp notes of peach, apricot, and honey, this wine made predominantly from Rhone Valley varietals, promises a refreshing and aromatic journey.

Piquepoul Blanc: A lesser-known varietal, it stands out with its sharp acidity and citrus flavors.

Mourvèdre Rosé: Perfect for summer, this rosé offers delightful hints of strawberry and raspberry.

Cinsault: Primarily from France’s Languedoc-Roussillon, displays a light ruby hue. Aromas of red cherries and strawberries are underscored by hints of herbs. Its light-to-medium body boasts fresh red fruits and subtle spices, complemented by gentle tannins and crisp acidity. Perfect for warm days and light fare.

Sagmor Vineyard Reserve Sangiovese: A bold red wine, with profound notes of dark fruits and tannins that are beautifully rounded off.

In my tastings, I was more impressed with the white wine offerings than the red wine. Although the red’s all had a nice bouquet clean taste, I felt they didn’t quite finish to my liking. I was left wanting a little more. The whites, however, specifically the Albariño and the Chenin Blanc were exceptionally clean and crisp and what I would expect from those wines. Both whites came home with me.

Reflections on a Wine Experience

As I reflect on the essence of McPherson Cellars, it becomes clear that it’s more than just a winery. It’s a beacon of tradition, dedication, and passion. The wines, each with their unique character, tell tales of the soil, the climate, and the hands that nurtured them. McPherson Cellars is not just a tasting experience; it’s a journey through the pages of a rich and vibrant story.

Consider making McPherson Cellars a must-do stop on a visit to Lubbock, Texas. There are wonderful things to see there, such as the Buddy Holly Center and the Texas Tech museum. Make McPherson your afternoon or late afternoon stop, relax, and enjoy. I am sure Buddy Holly would have been a fan, and I would have loved to sit down with Buddy with a bottle of McPherson wine.

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Where is McPherson Cellars located?

Located in Lubbock, Texas, McPherson Cellars is a landmark for wine enthusiasts visiting the region. The actual address for McPherson Cellars is 1615 Texas Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401

Can I visit the winery for a tasting session?

Absolutely! McPherson Cellars offers tasting sessions where you can experience their collection firsthand.

What food pairings would you recommend with their wines?

Their reds, like the Tre Colore, pair beautifully with grilled meats, while the Les Copains White complements seafood and light pasta dishes.

Do they offer any wine club memberships or subscriptions?

Yes, they have a wine club that offers exclusive deals, early releases, and special events for members.

How has McPherson Cellars contributed to the Texas wine industry?

Being pioneers in the Texas wine scene, they’ve played a significant role in setting high standards for wine production in the state and showcasing the potential of Texas viticulture.

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