Sandy Road Vineyards: The Texas Winery That’s Changing the Game!

Explore the enchanting world of Texas Wine at Sandy Road Vineyards. Dive into our comprehensive review to discover the rich history, exquisite wines, and sustainable practices that make this Texas winery a gem in the heart of Texas Hill Country.
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Sandy Road Vineyards is a gem in the world of Texas wineries, offering an exceptional array of Texas wines that embody the rich terroir and passionate winemaking that the state is known for. Located in the picturesque Texas Hill Country near Hye, TX, this family-owned and operated winery stands out for its commitment to sustainable farming and expert winemaking, producing wines that are not only authentic to Texas but also incredibly delightful to the palate.

What makes Sandy Road Vineyards Different?

This is a no-brainer. It is the Tree House!

History and Facility

Getting there, you will need to travel down a “sandy road”!

Established by Reagan Sivadon and his family, including co-owners and sisters Adrienne & Kristina, Sandy Road Vineyards has a touching story of heritage and passion. The vineyard, situated on the historic Dixon Ranch owned by the family for almost 100 years, is a testament to their commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices. With a focus on hand-harvesting and small-lot production, Sandy Road Vineyards ensures that each bottle of wine is a reflection of their dedication to the craft and the unique Texas terroir.

The vineyards are approximately 16 acres where they grow only red grapes. They produce about 1200 to 1400 cases of wine per year, so very boutique. However, this year that amount could be two or more times this due to the bumper crop of grapes.

One unique feature of the winery is the tree house overlooking the vineyards. You can reserve the tree house (up to 6 people) for a personalized one-on-one tasting and beautiful view in an intimate outdoor setting. The tree house requires reservations.

In a recent article by, they listed the best wine travel destinations for 2023 with the Texas Hill Country scoring the #8 slot. The tree house at Sandy Road Vineyards was specifically mentioned in the article.

Wine Highlights

I chose to go with the standard tasting menu offered at Sandy Road Vineyards, which consisted of a Rose’, one white blend, and three reds. Four of the five wines I tasted were made from the grapes onsite (ie. the “estate wines”. Wine tastings are $20 ($30 for tasting in the treehouse).

  1. 2022 Estate Rose’. Made from 100% of their Sangiovese, this rose’ is lively and crisp. While I don’t particularly like roses’, this one is darker and less sweet than most. If you are looking for a good rose’, look no further.
  2. 2021 White Blend. This is a white blend of Marsanne and Roussanne and is nice and dry. The grapes for this wine come from the Texas High Plains. I enjoyed this white blend and I recommend it for white wine lovers.
  3. 2021 Estate Mourvedre: This wine is a medium bodied red, with hints of plum, black pepper and leather. Fruity for a Mourvedre, but really nice. Its robust structure and complex flavor profile make it a flagship offering of Sandy Road Vineyards. Make sure you experience this one when you go.
  4. 2021 Estate Sangiovese. Another dry medium bodied red like the Mourvedre, made with the same grapes as the rose’. This wine has hints of cherry and spice and is a little fruit-forward.
  5. 2021 Neighborly: This dry red blend is named for the fact that it is 50% Sandy Road Vineyards grapes and 50% William Chris Vineyards grapes, makes it a collaboration of neighbors, or a “neighborly” product. One of my favorites!

Other Wines

I was also able to try out one of the members-only wines as I was in the right place at the right time (the Grenache)!

  • 2021 Grenache: A whole lot lighter than the other reds, this one was very nice. I didn’t like it as much as the Neighborly or the Mourvedre
  • 2020 Estate Tempranillo: This one is no longer available.
  • 2023 Estate Petnat: Coming Soon!

Wine Clubs

The Wine Club is very consistent with other wine clubs where you can sign up for different levels and receive wine every quarter. Some wines are reserved for wine club members, and there are free wine pickup parties. Occasional events for members only are also held.

Members of the wine club can choose from 3, 6, or 12 bottle shipments, which happen only twice a year at Sandy Road Vineyards. Perks of the wine club are priority reservations for the tree house, free tasting or glass per month for up to 4 people, and 10-20% discount on wines. One unique aspect of their wine club is that they ship free in Texas!

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Sandy Road Vineyards is a shining example of Texas winemaking at its finest. Their dedication to sustainable practices, combined with a deep respect for the land and history, results in an exceptional range of Texas wines that are a must-try for any wine enthusiast. Pricing on their wines is very competitive with other Hill Country wineries, and I would say are actually about 10-20% lower than most which makes these wines a great value. The staff at Sandy Road are super friendly and knowledgeable and I recommend you make it one of your stops if you are planning to be in the area.


  1. What is the history of Sandy Road Vineyards? Sandy Road Vineyards was founded in 2016 on the historic Dixon Ranch, a family-owned property for almost 100 years, by Reagan Sivadon and his family.
  2. What makes Sandy Road Vineyards unique? Their commitment to sustainable farming and producing wines that reflect the authentic Texas terroir makes them stand out. The tree house does too!
  3. Can I visit Sandy Road Vineyards? Yes, visitors are welcome to experience the vineyard and taste their exquisite wines.
  4. What are some of the signature wines at Sandy Road Vineyards? The 2021 Neighborly, 2021 Estate Mourvedre’, and the 2021 Estate Grenache are some of their signature offerings.
  5. How does Sandy Road Vineyards contribute to the Texas wine community? They are dedicated to elevating the standards of Texas wines through quality winemaking and sustainable practices.

About the Author

A native of Texas, Ken “Texan” Pierce is a renowned alcohol aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the Texas wine, whiskey, and beer industry. With a vast number of alcohol production resources right in his back yard in the Texas Hill Country, Ken has made it his mission to promote and advance the Texas winemaking, distilling, and brewing industry across the country.  His uncanny ability to identify tasting notes and pairings makes him a respected authority within alcohol enthusiast circles. When he’s not reviewing the latest craft spirits, you can find Ken playing his guitar, trying to sing, and sipping on a Texas libation.

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