Craft Beer Enthusiasts Are Flocking To This Texas Town Thanks to Their Authentic German Ales

Altstadt Brewery brings German brewing traditions to Texas, producing an array of lagers, ales, and seasonal offerings. Sip authentic craft beers in their charming Fredericksburg beer garden. This review of Altstadt's origins, facility, and standout brews like the crisp lager and hoppy IPA showcases why they're a must-visit stop for experiencing the emergent Texas beer scene.
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Altstadt Brewery brings German brewing traditions to Texas, producing an array of lagers, ales, and seasonal offerings. Sip authentic craft beers in their charming Fredericksburg beer garden. This review of Altstadt's origins, facility, and standout brews like the crisp Pilsner and hoppy IPA showcases why they're a must-visit stop for experiencing the emergent Texas beer scene.

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Altstadt Brewery, located right in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas, is a must-visit destination for any lover of Texas beer. Known for their authentic German-style lagers and ales, Altstadt offers an outstanding lineup of beers that capture the rich traditions of Old World brewing while using the highest quality local ingredients. Their cozy yet spacious beer garden provides the perfect backdrop for sampling their expertly crafted brews. This review will highlight some of Altstadt’s standout offerings and provide key details on the brewery’s origins and facility. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to discovering the emerging Texas beer scene, Altstadt Brewery is a can’t-miss stop on your next Texas brewery tour.

Brewery History and Facility

Founded in 2016 by four college friends passionate about brewing German-style beers, Altstadt has quickly made a name for itself thanks to their meticulous brewing process and unique, flavorful recipes. Paying homage to Fredericksburg’s German heritage, Altstadt sourced a 15-barrel brewhouse directly from Bavaria to produce true-to-style lagers and ales.

Going to Altstadt is truly an adventure and not just a visit to a brewery. The brewery stands out when approach it from Highway 290 due to its size and architecture. Inside the brewery, you will find it segregated into multiple areas, each designed to provide a particular experience. The main bar area (Tap Room) is open and lively, but quaint and convenient as it is the first area you encounter when you come through the doors.

Down the hallway you’ll find the main restaurant, which offers a unique dining experience that seamlessly blends traditional German cuisine with a touch of Texas flair. The menu features a delightful array of German favorites, such as schnitzels, bratwursts, and spaetzle, all made with locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to authenticity. There is truly something for everyone on the menu.

The Altstadt beer garden provides plenty of communal tables perfect for striking up conversations over a freshly tapped pint. String lights dangling from mature live oak trees create a warm, welcoming environment. Altstadt’s outdoor setup captures the friendly, open spirit that makes Fredericksburg such a beloved destination in Texas.

The Grand Hall at Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas, is a magnificent embodiment of German architectural grandeur blended with Texan hospitality. Upon entering, visitors are immediately struck by the soaring ceilings and the intricate, wood-carved details that adorn the expansive space. Large, arched windows bathe the hall in natural light, casting a warm glow over the elegantly rustic tables and benches, reminiscent of a traditional Bavarian beer garden. The air resonates with the gentle hum of convivial conversations and laughter, punctuated by the clinking of beer steins. The focal point of the hall is the stage, where live music plays on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Rathskeller offers a uniquely intimate and historical experience. This cozy underground space, with its stone walls and low ceilings, transports visitors to a traditional German cellar. The dim, ambient lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a more secluded and personal experience. The Rathskeller’s decor, featuring antique furnishings and vintage German memorabilia, adds to the authenticity and charm of the setting. Guests can enjoy a selection of Altstadt’s finest craft beers, each with a story and character as rich as the surroundings.

Beer Highlights

Altstadt brews an array of lagers and ales, and there are enough of them you probably won’t be trying them all on the same visit. Some of the beers are exclusive to the Tap Room so you won’t find them in the stores.

On my visit, I ended up trying five different beers. For in the taster, and one extra full pint I acquired due to an error at the bar (that ended in my favor!)

The first was the Lager which is about 4.8 ABV and 20 IBU’s, so not really bitter. It was clean and enjoyable and a good choice for your visit if you want to have a few beers.

The second one I tried was the Fest bier, a traditional beer traditionally served at a typical German Oktoberfest today. This beer is a deceptively strong one with a mix of German Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts. I wasn’t overly excited about this one, but it was still very good.

The third one in my taster was the German Session IPA stoking 40 IBU and 5% ABV. I put it at “pretty good” as it is a bit light on the hoppiness and bitterness for an IPA – at least the IPA’s I like.

Fourth, comes the Amber at 25 IBU and 4.8% ABV. This is a great beer for those who don’t like IPA styles yet want something a bit heavier and more flavorful than a traditional lager or ale.

Lastly, I downed a glass of “Year Lator Doppelbock“. Doppelbock (“double bock”) is a heavy beer (you can tell by the color) and comes in at 25 IBU and 7.8% ABV. This is a great cold weather option, and although a doppelbock, it wasn’t too heavy to drink. I quite enjoyed it and recommend it for those who like dark beers.

Other Beers

In addition to their core lineup, Altstadt continually produces new rotational and seasonal offerings so there’s always something new to discover on tap. Some examples include their fall Oktoberfest amber lager brewed with a careful blend of German malts and hops and the refreshing Kolsch golden ale with subtle fruit and honey notes perfect for spring and summer.

You won’t find any highly hopped beers at Altstadt Brewery (by highly hopped I mean IBU’s over 60), but you will get a variety of tasty beers to suit any palate. The rotating taps give seasoned Altstadt patrons a reason to come back again and again. Whether you prefer lagers, ales, or anything in between, Altstadt has a go-to flagship brew for you.

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Clubs and Memberships

There are no clubs or memberships available.


With its authentic German brewing heritage, charming outdoor beer garden, German-themed indoor spaces, and diverse lineup of traditional yet creative beers, Altstadt Brewery is a must-visit stop for beer lovers exploring the Texas Hill Country. Their attention to detail shines through in every pint, thanks to local ingredients, direct German equipment imports, and a staff passionate about upholding brewing traditions. Whether raising a glass under the string lights on a cool fall night or battling the summer heat with a crisp, light lager, Altstadt Brewery offers a quintessential Texas beer experience from start to finish. Prost!


What are Altstadt’s hours? Check the website for the open hours as they change during the holidays and the different seasons. But generally, the brewery is open Wednesdays through Sundays.

Does Altstadt offer food or tours? Altstadt has a great selection of food in the restaurant or in the tap room. They occasionally offer brewery tours – typically only on Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm.

Where is Altstadt located? Altstadt Brewery is located at 6120 East US 290 in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Does Altstadt distribute their beer in stores/restaurants? Yes, they do!

What sets Altstadt apart from other local breweries? Altstadt stands out through their specialized German brewing equipment, traditional brewing techniques, and unique recipes that offer both classic and creative twists on German-style beers. The cozy, welcoming layout of their beer garden also can’t be beat!

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A native of Texas, Ken “Texan” Pierce is a renowned alcohol aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the Texas wine, whiskey, and beer industry. With a vast number of alcohol production resources right in his back yard in the Texas Hill Country, Ken has made it his mission to promote and advance the Texas winemaking, distilling, and brewing industry across the country.  His uncanny ability to identify tasting notes and pairings makes him a respected authority within alcohol enthusiast circles. When he’s not reviewing the latest craft spirits, you can find Ken playing his guitar, trying to sing, and sipping on a Texas libation.

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