Meierstone Vineyards: The Next Rising Star of Texas Wine?

As we journey through this new winery, we uncover the beginnings of an evolution that I hope will shape its future identity
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As we journey through this new winery, we uncover the beginnings of an evolution that I hope will shape its future identity


Deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, the burgeoning world of Texas Wine is capturing the attention of enthusiasts globally. Rich in history, diverse in terroir, and driven by a passion for excellence, these vineyards are pushing the boundaries of traditional winemaking. This review delves into one such winery, Meierstone Vineyards, shining a spotlight on its contributions to the Texas Wine scene and exploring the vintages it has to offer. Join us as we uncork the essence of the region and savor the flavors that are setting Texas Wine apart on the world stage.

What Makes This Place Different?

Albert Meier, a farmer and inventor, casted a large 6′ iron ball and chained it to two bulldozers by ship anchor chains to knock down trees and create farmland and other infrastructure, like the Fort Hood Army Base. The iron ball is now called the “wrecking ball” and is displayed as the gate ornament to the property’s entrance. There is also a wine they named “Wrecking Ball”.

My Wine Pick

If I had to choose one wine to buy and take with me, which one would it be?

2021 Cabernillo.

History and Facility

Nestled amidst the vast landscapes of the Lone Star State, the story of Texas Wine finds its roots in a blend of tradition, innovation, and sheer determination.

As we journey through this new winery, we uncover the beginnings of an evolution that I hope will shape its future identity. The main building is new and is nestled in with some older ones giving it an interesting feel. The main building is a barn-like structure with concrete floors and a real western look and feel. If you need to use the bathrooms, you’ll have to walk a bit and endure a very tight fit. I am sure this is an upgrade on their list. There is a separate building that looks like it holds about 20 people for private functions. The family has an interesting past that I won’t repeat here but is an interesting read. You can find it at: About Us – Meierstone Vineyards.

Wine Highlights

Meierstone Vineyards is a very young winery, so you won’t find a large selection, and at most 200 cases of any given wine are produced.

I found the wines to be “ok” but nothing really jumped out at me on this round except for the private tasting of the Cabernillo, and I left with a bottle of that one. Here are my groupings of the wines I tasted. Keep in mind these are my opinions.

Top Notch – Buy a Bottle

Cabernillo: A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo.


2021 Wrecking Ball

2018 Reserve Malbec

2021 Trebbiano

Not Memorable

2021 Roussanne

2021 Sangiovese

2021 Cabernet Sauvignon

Not that good

2021 Rose’:

Other Wines

There are a few additional wines I did not taste, such as Airship (56% Sangio/44% Cabernet blend) and Sauzao.

As for all the Meierstone wines, they show potential. I think the next round of vintages will improve on this round and you will probably see more wines move from the “Not Memorable” category up the scale.

Wine Clubs

The Meierstone Wine Club is very consistent with other wine clubs where you sign up for different levels and receive wine every quarter. Members can choose their wines to customize their allocation. Some wines are reserved for wine club members, especially new releases, and there are wine pickup parties where those not receiving their wine through shipment can pick up their wines and enjoy festivities. Occasional events for members only are also held.

Discounts on wine for wine club members is 10-20% off, and members and their guests get free tastings.


In conclusion, the burgeoning world of Texas Wineries continues to impress and surprise even the most seasoned wine enthusiasts. The staff at Meierstone Vineyards were friendly and funny, and you’ll find Krystal’s presence (the winemaker) an uplifting addition to the ambiance as you will be greeted with a smile and a friendly aura. Meierstone Vineyards is still a very young winery with very few vintages under its belt. Personally, I’ll plan on popping back in about two years from now to check on their progress with their wines and their facility.


What are the hours of operation of the tasting room? The tasting room is open Thursday thru Sunday but check the website for actual hours.

Do I need a reservation to visit the tasting room? Reservations are not required, but if you are going on the weekends, are recommended.

What is the cost of a wine tasting? Tasting flights include 5 wines for $22 per person for a standard tasting and $25 per person for an all-reds flight.

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