Transform Your Palate with the Bold Flavors of Texas Wine from Ron Yates Wines

Discover the essence of Texas Wine at Ron Yates Wines, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle. Experience the best of Texas wineries.
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Discover the essence of Texas Wine at Ron Yates Wines, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle. Experience the best of Texas wineries.

Introduction and Quick Summary

My journey through the heart of Texas wine country recently led me to Ron Yates Wines, a standout among Texas wineries with a reputation for producing some of the most compelling and diverse Texas wines. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the winery’s scenic beauty and the warm, welcoming atmosphere that greeted me. This review will highlight my personal experience at Ron Yates Wines, shedding light on the winery’s rich history, the distinct qualities that set it apart, and the exceptional wines that have solidified its place in the Texas wine industry.

Ron Yates Wines impressed me not only with its commitment to quality and innovation but also with its dedication to creating wines that truly reflect the unique terroir of Texas. The winery’s approach to blending traditional winemaking techniques with modern innovations results in a portfolio of wines that are both authentic and adventurous. Join me as I delve into the world of Ron Yates Wines, where every bottle tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of Texas winemaking.

The Winery’s History and Facility

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Texas Hill Country, Ron Yates Wines has a rich history that spans several years, marked by a dedication to excellence and a deep respect for the land. Founded by Ron Yates, whose passion for wine and visionary leadership has guided the winery’s journey, the facility combines rustic charm with cutting-edge winemaking technology. The winery is designed to enhance the winemaking process while offering visitors an immersive experience, from vineyard tours to tastings in the tasting room.


Speaking of the tasting room, you won’t find it that elegant. There is really nowhere to sit in the tasting room, so outdoor seating is all you will find. The Tasting Bar is nice and about 10 people can comfortably stand at the bar. There are boxes of wine stacked around as well. It could be made quainter, but it is still pretty small inside. So, unless it is a beautiful weekend day and you want to sit outside, my recommendation would be to go during the week.

During my visit, I was told there was a new, larger tasting room beginning construction soon, and I did see the stakes in the field where it will be. There will be two floors with a brick oven for pizza. This will be a huge upgrade for the winery as it is currently undersized.

Ron Yates is the sister winery to Spicewood Vineyards, which has been producing Texas wines since 1992. I haven’t done my review of Spicewood yet, but I was told the wines are very different from what is offered at Ron Yates Wines. I am now eager to try their sister vineyard!

What Makes Ron Yates Wines Unique

Ron Yates is the sister winery to Spicewood Vineyards, which has been producing Texas wines since 1992.

The Wines I Tasted

You will find that most of the wines at Ron Yates are on the dry side. Some were awesome, some were simply “nice”. Every palate will see this differently, but I am sure you will find a wine that suits you.

2019 and 2020 Tempranillo

For comparison, I was able to try the 2019 Tempranillo and 2020 Tempranillo, the latter winning a double gold medal in the 2023 San Francisco Wine Competition. Both were good, but very, very different. The 2020 Tempranillo is a testament to Ron Yates’ mastery of Spanish varietals, offering a rich tapestry of dark fruit flavors, peppery undertones, and a silky-smooth finish. It’s a wine that beautifully showcases the potential of Texas terroir.

2022 Picpoul Blanc

Their Picpoul Blanc dazzles with aromatic intensity and crispness, featuring notes of citrus and a delicate minerality. This wine exemplifies the winery’s ability to balance intensity with elegance, creating a memorable white wine experience.

2022 Grenache Rose’

The Grenache Rose’ is a is a dry rose’ with a strong fruit forward nature. It delivers a complex flavor profile with layers of strawberry and watermelon, appealing to those seeking a wine that challenges and delights.

2020 Sangiovese

This wine has a very nice bouquet and flavor with a hint of leather and licorice, and maybe a hint of plum on the fruit side.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine was one of my favorites; in fact, my second favorite. This cab is bold and carries flavors of smoke, blackberry, and vanilla. I found the full body of this one very nice, and I would recommend this one to anyone who likes a bold cab.

2019 Goodguy

The Goodguy is one of Ron Yates Wines best-selling wines (Hint: it is also the most expensive one!). It is a small production Sangiovese / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot blend that really does rock. This was by far my favorite wine at Ron Yates Wines, but probably sells out the quickest.

Other Wines at Ron Yates

You will find that most of the wines at Ron Yates are on the dry side. Ron Yates Wines offers a large, diverse portfolio (not including what I tasted) that includes:

  • Whites: Semillon, Albarino, Viognier.
  • Rose: Two different versions of Pet Nat.
  • Reds: Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, and various blends
  • California Reds: Zinfandel, Carignan, Pinot Noir.

All in all, the wines I tasted were very nice and probably wouldn’t disappoint. Pricewise, the whites are in the $28-$36 range, with most around $30. The reds range from $33-$65, with the least expensive being a Tempranillo blend and the most expensive being the 2019 Good Guy. For most of the other wines, expect to pay around $40 per bottle average.

The Wine Club

The Ron Yates Wine Club is an exclusive community for those who wish to deepen their connection with the winery’s offerings. Members enjoy benefits such as access to limited-release wines, discounts on purchases (15-20%), invitations to special events, and complimentary tastings for members and their guests. The wine club offers quarterly shipments of 3, 6, and 12 bottles of the winemaker’s choice. Overall, not a fantastic offering, and I am surprised it is not tied into Spicewood Vineyards in some way.



Q1: Can I visit Ron Yates Wines for a tasting?
A1: Yes, Ron Yates Wines welcomes visitors for tastings and tours, offering a range of experiences to suit every palate.

Q2: Does Ron Yates Wines ship their wines?
A2: Yes, the winery ships wines to several states, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite Texas wines from afar.

Q3: Are all Ron Yates wines made from Texas-grown grapes?
A3: Ron Yates Wines is committed to showcasing the best of Texas, primarily using grapes grown in the state’s premier vineyards. They do also have some wines with California grapes.

Q4: What types of events does Ron Yates Wines host?
A4: The winery hosts a variety of events, including wine tastings, vineyard tours, and special occasions like wine release parties.

Q5: How can I join the Ron Yates Wine Club?
A5: Joining the Wine Club is easy—simply visit the Ron Yates Wines website or contact the winery directly for more information.


Ron Yates Wines stands as a testament to the innovation, diversity, and quality that define the Texas wine industry. With its adventurous wine portfolio, commitment to excellence, Ron Yates offers an average experience for anyone passionate about Texas wines. The wines will range from “OK” to “really nice”, and the pricing is generally on par with other Texas wines. The wine club is mediocre without a “member gets to choose” option, and the discounts are similar to other wineries. Whether you’re a longtime wine enthusiast or new to the world of wine, Ron Yates Wines invites you to explore the rich flavors and unique stories behind each bottle.

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A native of Texas, Ken “Texan” Pierce is a renowned alcohol aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the Texas wine, whiskey, and beer industry. With a vast number of alcohol production resources right in his back yard in the Texas Hill Country, Ken has made it his mission to promote and advance the Texas winemaking, distilling, and brewing industry across the country.  His uncanny ability to identify tasting notes and pairings makes him a respected authority within alcohol enthusiast circles. When he’s not reviewing the latest craft spirits, you can find Ken playing his guitar, trying to sing, and sipping on a Texas libation.

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