Texas Wines Take Center Stage: An Enthusiastic Review of Pedernales Cellars

Discover the hidden treasures of Texas Wine in our in-depth review of Pedernales Cellars. Dive into the rich history, taste notes, and the magic behind Texas' finest vineyards. Your guide to the best of Texan viticulture awaits!
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Discover the hidden treasures of Texas Wine in our in-depth review of Pedernales Cellars. Dive into the rich history, taste notes, and the magic behind Texas' finest vineyards. Pedernales Winery is a definite stop on any Hill Country Wine excursion!

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In my journey exploring the best of Texas Wines, I was thrilled to discover a gem among the Texas Wineries – Pedernales Cellars. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, this winery embodies the spirit of the state’s wine-making tradition, bringing both innovation and respect for classic techniques. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the rich history of Pedernales Cellars, shine a light on their signature wines, and uncover the breadth of their wine offerings. If you’re as passionate about Texas Wines as I am, prepare to be enthralled.

What Makes Pedernales Cellars Different?

The Collector’s Club wine club – very exclusive!

History and Facility

Nestled among the rolling hills of Texas, Pedernales Cellars is a family-owned treasure with deep roots in the Texan soil. While the vineyards were established by the Kuhlken family in the 1990s, Pedernales Cellars wasn’t born until around 2005. Their commitment to sustainable practices and a genuine love for wine-making shines through every bottle. The winery is not just a place for wine production but a haven for visitors, boasting a serene setting, state-of-the-art facility, and a tasting room that offers panoramic views of the surrounding Hill Country.

The tasting room is very nicely decorated and large enough for quite a number of people or groups. There is a lot of room at the tasting bar, and of some additional space outdoors. Nicely decorated with some beautiful horse saddles.

Nearby Pedernales Cellars is Rose Hill Retreat, a beautiful Bed and Breakfast featuring suites or individual cottages. This is a great option for anyone visiting the Texas Wine Country from farther away and are in need of accommodation.

Wine Highlights

I tasted a number of wines including some that are not on the standard tasting list. I supposed I was able to take advantage of a slow Sunday afternoon when the weather wasn’t so great! Regarding pricing for the publicly available wines, the whites I tasted ranged between $32 and $42 per bottle retail. The reds ranged from $38 to $50.

  • 2021 Viognier Reserve: An award-winning white wine that truly captures the Texan sun, the Viognier offers a fragrant bouquet of floral notes combined with hints of peach and apricot. It’s crisp, refreshing, and perfectly embodies the spirit of Texas summer. It is the only white they produce aged in oak barrels (the rest are stainless steel). This distinctive white wine immediately captured my heart and my co-taster insisted I purchase a bottle to take with us.
  • 2022 Over the Moon Rose: Sporting a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Mourvèdre this rose, I found it similar to so many other rose’ wines in the hill country, but soft and light. It didn’t stand out for me, but a rose lover might find it quite nice. Check out the lunar surface of the moon on the label and ask to hear the story on this wine.
  • 2019 High Plains Mourvedre: A blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, this red wine blend is a nod to the traditional wines of Southern France but with a distinctive Texan twist. Rich, bold, and smooth, it’s a wine that tells a story in every sip. The vanilla and black cherry are prominent on the palate.
  • 2020 GSM Mélange: A blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre (GSM), this red wine blend was very nice with its dark chocolate and licorice notes. It was smooth with no heavy tannins, but I found it didn’t quite finish as well as the High Planes Mourvedre, but an excellent wine, nonetheless.
  • 2020 Lahey Vineyards Tempranillo: A blend of Tempranillo, Graciano, Cinsault, and Alicante Bouschet aged in American and European oak, the Texas terroir truly shines through, lending the wine a distinct earthiness and a hint of sweet tobacco and vanilla. A new release for this year, this one is a little softer and more delicate than a typical tempranillo.

Wine Clubs

The Pedernales Cellars Wine Club is very consistent with other wine clubs where you sign up for different bottle levels and receive wine every quarter. Pedernales offers wine club memberships for 3, 6, or 12 bottles quarterly, and you can choose between Reds and Whites or just Reds. 3 and 6 bottle members get a 20% discount on wine, and 12-bottle members get a 25% discount. A bonus to the Pedernales Cellars Wine Club is that pick-up parties are complimentary for members and their guests, up to 4 total. Many other wineries charge for these events even for members much less their guests. However, on the downside, only 12-bottle members can customize their quarterly allotments. Some other wine clubs are more lenient with this benefit.

Like most wineries, Pedernales has some “members only” wines reserved for wine club members. Many of these can be found in their Signature Series. I was able to sample a couple of these during my visit. One was the “Family Reserve“, which is a different blend every year. It was a little heavier than medium bodied. but a well-balanced blend with a lingering fruit finish. I was also able to taste one from their special program with a special release of wines that always feature their Portugese grapes. It is called The Collector’s Club. They started this program in 2012 and are soon to release the 2021 vintage. They only make about 60-100 cases per year, so the membership for this one is very limited, and you’ll have to get on a waiting list to get your hands on this one. I found the one I tasted to be a complex wine with a medium to dry finish.


In conclusion, Pedernales Cellars is not just a winery, but a testament to the potential and excellence of Texas Wines. Pedernales Cellars’ wines are all carefully and thoughtfully produced and offer options for various palates. Pricing for the wines is similar to other mainstream Texas Hill Country Wineries. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual sipper, a visit here is bound to leave an indelible mark on your wine journey. Cheers to Texas Wineries and the unparalleled experience they offer!


  • Q: Where is Pedernales Cellars located?
    A: Pedernales Cellars is beautifully situated in Texas Hill Country, offering stunning views and a rich wine-tasting experience. It is located off Upper Albert Road in Stonewall.
  • Q: Can I host events at Pedernales Cellars?
    A: Yes, they offer event spaces perfect for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.
  • Q: Are their wines available for purchase online?
    A: Indeed, you can explore and purchase their extensive wine range through their official website.
  • Q: What makes Pedernales Cellars stand out among Texas Wineries?
    A: Their deep commitment to sustainability, a rich family heritage, and a unique blend of traditional and innovative wine-making techniques makes them a must-visit among Texas Wineries.

About the Author

A native of Texas, Ken “Texan” Pierce is a renowned alcohol aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the Texas wine, whiskey, and beer industry. With a vast number of alcohol production resources right in his back yard in the Texas Hill Country, Ken has made it his mission to promote and advance the Texas winemaking, distilling, and brewing industry across the country.  His uncanny ability to identify tasting notes and pairings makes him a respected authority within alcohol enthusiast circles. When he’s not reviewing the latest craft spirits, you can find Ken playing his guitar, trying to sing, and sipping on a Texas libation.

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