Andalusia Whiskey Company: Whiskey for the Real Men!

Discover the heart and soul of Texas Spirits with our deep dive into Andalusia Whiskey Company. From rich history to exquisite flavors, uncover what sets Texan whiskey apart in the world of distilleries.
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Discover the heart and soul of Texas Spirits with our deep dive into Andalusia Whiskey Company. From rich history to exquisite flavors, uncover what sets Texan whiskey apart in the world of distilleries.

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Upon my recent exploration of Texas Distilleries, I was fortunate to stumble upon Andalusia Whiskey Company, a jewel nestled in the Texan Hill Country. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, this distillery perfectly encapsulates the proud tradition of Texas Whiskey production. From their rich history to their modern distillation practices, Andalusia Whiskey Company stands as a testament to the Lone Star State’s indomitable spirit.

For enthusiasts keen on uncovering the very essence of Texas Whiskey, Andalusia Whiskey Company presents a compelling narrative woven with passion, dedication, and a touch of Texas magic. Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating story.

Distillery History and Facility

Located on Highway 290 between Blanco and Johnson City, the distillery sits alone roadside with its old-world styled building and facade.

Originating from the heartland of Texas, Andalusia Whiskey Company is the brainchild of individuals passionate about bringing the authentic taste of whiskey to discerning palates. Their journey began with a vision to encapsulate the rugged beauty and pioneering spirit of Texas in every bottle. The distillery itself, reminiscent of classic European counterparts, offers an enchanting blend of old-world charm and state-of-the-art equipment.

Visitors to the distillery are treated to a visual and olfactory feast. The aromatic allure of fermenting grains welcomes you, drawing you further into an environment where traditional methods meet contemporary practices. There is limited indoor seating, and much more covered seating outdoors. Obviously, weather may dictate your seating selection. Inside, there is a long bar for ordering your alcohol, and if you are doing a tasting flight, you can take the tray with you wherever you are sitting.

Also, near the entry, is a barrel of rum where you can bottle your own to take with you. The barreled rum is a Peat Cask Finished Texas Rum. I watched as one of the other guests filled two bottles to take with them.

If you don’t like your whiskey straight, or you prefer to have a cocktail instead, Andalusia offers a myriad of cocktail options including a Blanco Mule, Margarita, White Russian, and a Whiskey Sour, among others. When you order a drink, you will get a very nicely prepared cocktail with a really interesting and large monogrammed ice cube.

With every corner echoing the dedication of its craftsmen, the facility stands as a proud beacon of the burgeoning Texas Distilleries scene.

Spirit Highlights

I opted for a custom flight I felt I would enjoy, or just wanted to taste something different. My flight consisted of the following:

Revenant Oak Peated Single Malt: A symphony of flavors, this whiskey is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. At 100 proof, its delicate balance of peat and rich malt offers an experience reminiscent of classic Scottish Islay malts yet rooted firmly in Texas traditions. The “peatiness” of this spirit is not as pungent as you might find in an Islay scotch, and even those without a desire for peat may like this one.

Stryker Smoked Single Malt: An ode to Texas’s vibrant barbecue culture, this whiskey introduces a tantalizing smokiness derived from locally sourced oak and mesquite. Each sip promises a harmonious blend of sweetness, smokiness, and a hint of vanilla. I thought it was actually peatier in flavor than the Revenant Oak and wasn’t one of my favorites.

Triple Distilled: A journey in itself, this spirit bottled at 100 proof exemplifies purity and sophistication. Triple distilled for a supremely smooth finish, it is perfect for both neat sips and intricate cocktails, making it a versatile addition to any connoisseur’s collection. Of my tastings, this was my favorite and my recommendation. Bottled at 100 proof, a bottle of this wonderful whiskey costs $65.

Brandy de Andalusia: Venturing beyond the realm of whiskey, this brandy carries a fragrant bouquet and a rich, fruity undertone, setting it apart as a delightful divergence from the distillery’s usual fare. Made from Texas grapes, this is a definite departure from whiskeys, but it was quite good. Pricing on this is $50, which is just a bit more than I pay for my Cognacs like Hennessy.

Other Spirits

Andalusia White: A tribute to traditional moonshine, this clear spirit boasts a crisp, clean flavor profile, ideal for those seeking an unadulterated whiskey experience.

Texas Rum: I didn’t give the rum a try, so it will remain a mystery in this review.

In the past, they have produced special, one-time spirits such as an orange or apple brandy. The current brandy is one of those.

Clubs and Memberships

There is not a club or membership available to the general public at Andalusia. Actually, most distilleries don’t have them. However, at Andalusia, there is a barrel selection program for retailers to select and purchase barrels for their establishment.


In wrapping up, the dynamic realm of Texas Distilleries has once again proven its prowess in crafting spirits that delight and impress. Andalusia Whiskey Company isn’t just another name in the growing list of Texas Distilleries; it’s a destination, an experience, and a celebration of all things whiskey. Dive in, savor the journey, and let Texas take you by the hand, one sip at a time. I recommend this distillery as it will give you a break from the traditional Texas bourbon produced at most distilleries in Texas.


What are the hours of operation of the Andalusia tasting room? The tasting room is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm with the same hours on Monday. They are closed on Sunday.

Do I need a reservation to visit the Andalusia tasting room? Reservations are not required, and tasting are whatever you want them to be.

What is the cost of a wine tasting at Andalusia? The cost of a tasting varies depending on the number of spirits you taste. They are $3 per tasting glass and you get a decent pour.

Does Andalusia offer tours of the facility? Absolutely! Andalusia Whiskey Company welcomes visitors and offers guided tours, providing a deep dive into their whiskey-making process.

What sets Andalusia Whiskey Company apart from other Texas Distilleries? Their fusion of European distillation traditions with the rich heritage of Texas, and their focus on artisanal, small-batch production ensures a unique tasting experience.

About the Author

A native of Texas, Ken “Texan” Pierce is a renowned alcohol aficionado with over 15 years of experience in the Texas wine, whiskey, and beer industry. With a vast number of alcohol production resources right in his back yard in the Texas Hill Country, Ken has made it his mission to promote and advance the Texas winemaking, distilling, and brewing industry across the country.  His uncanny ability to identify tasting notes and pairings makes him a respected authority within alcohol enthusiast circles. When he’s not reviewing the latest craft spirits, you can find Ken playing his guitar, trying to sing, and sipping on a Texas libation.

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